My hair is starting to look like a lions and my beard is kinda my mane. So fkn cool right now.

07-26 / 4:46 / 1 note

I just went for a two hour drive, just drove all around and it was pretty amazing… I had the windows down, wind blowing in my face, sunny weather… it just felt good, I don’t really have a better way to word it :)

07-24 / 7:34

Buying myself a suit for my graduation on Wednesday!

07-15 / 4:05 / 1 note

I love watching the football, and tonight’s Italy V Brazil game is kinda like a World Cup spoiler for next year! :D

Plus, I’m off on holiday tomorrow so I’m just in a good mood anyway :)

06-22 / 7:58

Alright so there’s been a change of plans!

We’re gonna be uploading our videos around 5-6pm for now to have some sort of consistency and since there’s still 3-4 hours until the release of our new episode, I’m going to be doing the live stream now!

I’m just setting things up so if anyone is interested in playing with me on black ops 2 zombies on ps3, let me know now!

06-11 / 2:02

I love David Guetta - Titanium. It relaxes me so much, and it’s a great tune overall.

05-30 / 10:59

Today’s itinerary:

  • Go tesco
  • Buy shit loads of alcohol
  • Come home
  • Get changed
  • Go Alex’s
  • Eat and get ridiculously fucking drunk
  • Hit town

Sounds like a good day!

05-23 / 1:35

Just had an amazing session at the gym with James and Alex. My arms are killing and so are my legs, that bastard treadmill!

Anyway, now I’m off to bowling… this should be fun(!)

05-20 / 8:30

So yeah, I got smashed last night and asked a random bride-to-be to take a picture with me and she got her mum in on it! I think it’s fair to say that I had a good night.

05-19 / 8:23 / 1 note

Kinda starting to use Skype again so if anyone ever fancies a chat, just ask me for my Skype name and we’ll take it from there :)

05-18 / 2:17

Went and played football today and I ran a lot, probably about 4-5 miles and then there was one point where I just felt blinding pain for like 15 minutes so I just led down on the ground. It FUCKING hurt!

05-18 / 3:01

This card for a player I want got released on FIFA 13 as a team of the season and his price has dropped from 600’000 to 124’000 in 37 minutes! Just imagine how cheap he’ll be tomorrow morning!!


05-08 / 6:37

holy shit, i’m too tired to keep writing.

i’ve got most of chapter one written down now though, so i’ll just finish it off in the morning and post it and i got rid of what i had for chapter two… it just didn’t sit right with me and i think i could do better than what i had so i’m going to restart it and give the story some sort of a ‘different’ twist.

anyhoo, it’s time for bed. good night everyone~

05-05 / 4:33

So, I don’t think I told anyone here about this but I started writing a book around December. I managed to finish off chapter one before my schedule got so hectic with all of my uni work and I haven’t really touched it since.

Why am I telling you guys this?

Well, I was thinking of writing chapter one up and posting it on my writing blog and I would really appreciate it if you guys could go read it. I’ll make a post on here when I’ve posted it so whenever you can, just go have a gander and maybe leave me some notes on where I could improve.

Writing seems to be something that makes me calm down and forget about everything and just focus on that one thing, it’s incredibly useful when trying to clear your mind.

Anyway, I won’t ramble anymore and I’ll go and write chapter one up.

Oh, I’ve also started writing chapter two, it could actually be finished sometime tonight but I don’t know if I like it yet so I may still change it all together.

I bid you all adieu.

05-05 / 1:56

Some darn good music was produced in the summer of 2010!

"Sexy Bitch" by Akon and David Guetta being one of them!


04-29 / 9:02