So, today:

I woke up pretty early so that I could give my old car to the scrap collectors that were coming, and got some money from them and FINALLY cleared up some room in my front garden, so I’m looking for a basketball hoop to get now that I can put there instead.

I had planned to drive down to Doncaster with my mum to meet some family, but as always, my dad went schizo for absolutely no reason, and my mum just got dead sad and started crying and just didn’t want to go, so I didn’t even get to see my cousin, who I haven’t seen for a year now, since his wedding.

Btw, my family is so fucked up, I don’t even think Tumblr’s word limit would be enough to write it all down, and that’s bad because there isn’t one!

Anyhow, skipping over the drama. I bought a new TV bracket for my room because I’m doing a huge renovation of it, and the bloody bolts that came in the pack were too fat for the TV, so I had to go and buy some new ones, which were actually quite cheap, they were only £3, and I may have gotten a potential lead on a job :)

After getting home, I tried them on my TV and the new bolts fit perfectly, although they’re a bit big, but I can just cut them down to scale, so that’s just a minor problem.

Now, I’m just waiting for anyone to text me and say, “Hey, blah blah blah” and possibly come up with something to do for tonight! I really wanna go cinema and see ‘Wrath of the Titans’, which actually looks super-awesome!

Well, that’s my rant of how today was and hopefully will end.

04-04 / 8:41