Usual story so I’m not gonna bother telling it again for the 7th time but yeah… feelings are shit people. Honestly, you wanna live a long life? Don’t feel anything for anyone. I can guarantee that you’ll live for a lot longer cos what I’m feeling right now feels somewhat like death because I’m pretty much dying inside.

Anyway, hope that was cheery enough for everyone and to answer your questions: yes, I definitely will die alone… soulmates? Haha don’t make me laugh, that shit definitely doesn’t exist… it doesn’t and those that say they’ve found their soulmates are fucking idiots and are wrong. They’ve just found the next retard that they’re going to be with for a while and move on.

Get with the program people! There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. No one has them and yes, a lot of you other poor souls are also going to die alone, fucking get over it. Shit happens right?

So yeah, this time I’m gonna stop. No more feelings for me, ever again. Just, it’s not worth it. No one wants the fat guy as their boyfriend… no, they’d rather have him as a friend who’ll keep doing them favours because he’s secretly got feelings for them.

The human race is pathetic.

01-11 / 8:48


Why the fuck do I like this song!? Kill me. NOW!

04-19 / 7:20