I’m not gonna bother with girls for a while, or at least not until I’ve lost some weight. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for myself and I don’t give the slightest shit what anyone else thinks of me but it seems that people really do only go for looks nowadays and it’s something that genuinely saddens me. People won’t even bother to hear you out or get to know you as a person just because of how you look and quite frankly I think that’s pathetic. You can’t judge someone’s character, someone’s very own being by their weight. Get your heads out of your asses people.

04-18 / 2:45

i heard something amazing out of someone’s mouth and thought i’d share.

"don’t let your happiness come from someone else."

it just struck me as really peculiar because most of the time, when we’re happy, it’s because someone we know or love has done something good and that in turn makes us either happy for them or just happy in general, but there are also times when we are just happy for random reasons (e.g. seeing a cute picture of puppies, driving when it’s hot with the windows down, etc.) and this just made me think that if we rely on other people for our happiness, what happens we lose them?

does that mean that we’ll be sad because those people making us happy are now gone? or does it simply mean that we need to meet new people to be happy with?

part of me really agrees with this quote but then another part of me thinks of it as utter crap.

this is just some random rant that i’ve been thinking of for a little bit and just wanted to get it out of my head and maybe get some opinions from all of you… so what do you think?

03-27 / 12:21 / 1 note

Another tip to you all from me:

Don’t trust people. Let me be more specific: never trust in anybody 100%, it’ll save you from a lot of crap.

People have been designed to always care most about #1, themselves. Be your own rock and when you feel like you want to talk it out with someone, find yourself a therapist, they actually listen and give you good answers (because you pay for it).

I’m sure you’ve all felt what it was like when someone you thought you could trust with anything or rely on at any time left you alone in your moment of need? It’s a terrible feeling isn’t it? What’s worse is that sometimes even your family are the same… they try and understand you but they just can’t and that makes things worse cos they don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Honestly, I’ve been through a lot of friends and I’ve not regretted any of the ones I lost because if they weren’t going to bother with me, it’s best that they got out of my life completely.

No one should have to settle for part-time friends.

01-24 / 11:25

I think I’ve managed to get myself into another one of those situations where I like a person that I definitely shouldn’t and I know I can’t have.

I don’t even know how I manage to do this. I think my friend Ben was right. We were at the pub on Christmas Eve and he told me that I always talk too much with girls and end up in their friendzone which leads to me just being another friend to them.

It’s pretty annoying actually when I don’t even try to be, I mean, I’ll help them out and stuff but it doesn’t mean that I wanna be the fag that they run to when shit gets too hard for them and they can’t rely on their boyfriend who’s too much of a douche and they end up using me.

Honestly, if I had to blame anything, I’d blame my looks. If a guy is 6ft2 and looks moderately ok, that dude is gonna do well no matter what you say, but with me being kinda short for a guy and not being so easy on the eyes, I kinda shoot myself in the foot there.

Best case scenario: I end up happy with a girl that doesn’t exist (one that doesn’t give a shit about what’s on the outside of a man and can see straight through all that bullshit, into what’s inside).

Worst case scenario: I end up being the old dude at the end of the street that owns a helluva lot of cats.

Anyway, so yeah, I felt like a rant and that felt good to get off my chest.

01-02 / 10:08

I don’t know where this has come from but I’m gonna post it because I speak my mind and don’t really know when to shut up, so here goes…

Don’t you ever dare give up… any of you. I know that life can get tough, believe me, I’ve been through it all myself and I’m only just coming back from it. I know that you get urges where you think that if you cut yourself, you might feel alive because of the pain or if you punch a wall and shatter your fist that you might get some contact with people and some attention, but it’s just not worth it.

You might think that there’s no point in living on anymore because life is just so shitty but that’s just cowardice and you’re giving up on something before you’ve tried EVERY SINGLE opportunity! Try everything you possibly can, go to counselling sessions, see a therapist, try talking things out with your parents, maybe talk with your closest friends about it… for me, I love to go lie on a field and think everything through; what’s happening, what has happened and what could possibly happen if I did things in different ways.

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.", remember this? Most of you probably will. Life is a mysterious thing, and I know there’s people out there that say "life is short, so live it." but they should just shut up. Life is extremely long and it will try to kick you down at any chance it gets, but every time it does that, just stand back up because what most of you don’t know is; you’re actually very strong, we all are, but we pity ourselves and think so lowly of ourselves that we can never quite manage to muster up the courage to face life without someone giving us a long lecture about it.

So here’s your lecture: Get out there and start living. No one is ever alone, we humans just aren’t built that way, we like being in groups of people and we like communicating with each other… you want proof? Well here’s one; tumblr! There are a lot of social networking websites which are mainly used for people to communicate with each other! In any case, if any of you ever feel alone, my ask box is always open to anybody, the anonymous box will always be available in case you don’t want me to know who you really are and I’d gladly talk things out with people if they prefer a more personal way of chatting.

Again, I do apologise for the long winded speech but these things just brew inside of me and I end up exploding with essays.

Hope you all have a great day and an amazing life ahead.

09-30 / 4:22 / 4 notes

Seriously? Do some of you get joy out of racism?

Fuck you, you supremist fuck. Yeah, I’m Turkish, get the fuck over it. In the end, I have blood flowing through my veins, just like you. I have bones, muscles, skin, JUST like you.

So what if I was born in a different part of the world?

Oh god, people like you are the scum of the human race and I feel physically sick that we actually are of the same species.

There’s a special place in hell for people like you. Suck my dick and choke on it.

09-07 / 5:16

I don’t get guys who cheat…

For fuck sake, just find yourself a girl, fall madly in love with her and just stick to them so fiercely that even death won’t be able to snatch you away from them.

Am I the only member of the male sex that feels this way!?

I don’t get WHY people cheat. Why do they do it?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just break up with someone and then do whatever the fuck you want, without hurting that person?

Godddd, if any of my friends ever dare do it, I’m going to beat the living shit out of them!!

08-31 / 12:56 / 5 notes

so, i finished fasting today… that means that my epic diet starts from tomorrow onwards.

gonna be having breakfast and then those seeds i mentioned a while back for the rest of the day and i’m gonna go get a 4 pack of 2 litre bottles of water so i can drink 2-3 litres per day.

for exercise, i’m gonna use my old exercise schedule which i came up with and it actually worked wonders in the first place but then i got lazy and started to do less and less but this time i’m just gonna keep doing it without stop. there’s a workout for every day but there’s also rest days to let my muscles and such rest.

i’m also gonna be going to play football with my little brother and his friends at least like once a week from now on, which is going to be great cardio exercise, plus i’ll get to keep up with my football because i’ve not played properly since year 11 and now i’m sort of starting to get back into it.

for the diet, i’m thinking of starting off with special k cereal for breakfast every morning and if i do have dinner, maybe the same. the last time i did it, i had special k for all three meals for an entire month and that whole “try it for two weeks and drop a jeans size” thing actually did work, but you’ve gotta devote to it fully! i actually dropped two jeans sizes in a month and it felt great.

anyway, sorry for this useless rambling, i just like to write my thoughts out on here.

08-19 / 3:00

fuckkk meee

just remembered the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever done in my life…

right, so a while ago, me and my friends went for a night out in town, and we got there, started having some drinks, bit of dancing and all that crap.

we got bored of walkabout so we went into the place next door, tapas.

we got in there and it seemed kinda dead… it was a tuesday though, and we only went out cos my mate niall couldn’t go out the day after which was when everyone was going out for a christmas party thing.

so we get into tapas, and by this point, we’re pretty smashed, and this weird but kinda fit girl comes up to me and starts pretty much forcing me to dance and i’m like “yaaaaayyy” cos i’m all fucked up and she kept shouting “i like a bloke that can dance!” and i get creeped out when i hear the word “bloke” from a girl… usually means that she’s tougher than i am :’)

anyway, danced with her a bit and then saw her sister next to her (i know cos she introduced me) and she was much less weird than her, we just had a normal conversation and got along kinda well.

she was insanely gorgeous and we were just sat at the bar, talking with each other and we kissed like 10 times, and i was getting her number but she was proper drunk as well and she gave me 10 digits which i didn’t notice until i got in the cab to check it out, all i remembered was that her name was Laura.

so what did i do?

as soon as i got home, i went on facebook and searched for every laura i could find and started adding them as friends :’)

never did find her, such a goon.

anyway, the only reason i’m rambling on about this now is cos i just went on facebook and this girl called laura (not her) messaged me saying “do i know you?” and i was all “nope, sorry”.

08-13 / 5:35 / 1 note

Depression is this horrible thing that floats around you all day, just waiting for its chance to strike.

Like, you’ll be having a perfectly fine day and you’ll hear something or see something that’ll remind you of something bad and snap, like that, you instantly go from being in a good mood, to a fucked up state of mind.

These pills are fucking pointless, they don’t do a thing. They’ll probably be the death of me, seeing as this heart thing I’m having is still going on.

Oh life, thou art a horrible whore.

07-27 / 4:34 / 2 notes

i’m just writing this to one of my followers just to let her know my thoughts on the matter.


I dont like attachment and feelings, life is easier, simpler, without.

simpler, yes, but also shallow. sorry if i’m being a dick saying this but i’m just throwing in my thoughts on the matter. i think being attached to people and having feelings for them are what make us complete and happy really. of course, when these attachments are cut or feelings are broken, we hurt, but those are the things that make us into the people we are today, our past mistakes, and in the long haul, i’m glad for every single attachment or feeling (mistake) i’ve had for anyone because it’s made me who i am today.

i’ll just quote something here:

Mistakes make us who we are.” - Chris Pine.

anyway, i’ll end this little rant here, and i’m not trying to undermine you in anyway at all kim, you know me, i’m just throwing in my two cents on it.

05-06 / 12:08 / 1 note

My mate, Matt, who I met at uni is a bit of a douche with girls, but he gets results…

I’m starting to wonder whether that’s the right way to do things. I mean, you hear girls, constantly moaning about how they chose another dickhead and how they wish they’d finally meet a nice guy, yet when they do, and the guy shows obvious interest, they turn them into friends and chuck them in the “friend zone” and then they moan to them about it…

I don’t really know what else to say apart from; some of you women really need to get your heads screwed on right.

I do apologise to the majority of women out there who don’t fit this description and I wasn’t trying to generalise women in any way, I was just speaking out of prior experience, so it might just be me who has bad luck.

Long story short: I’m considering being one of them douches, might just save me the trouble of getting fucked over.

05-05 / 7:56

You know what REALLY annoys me?

Ignorant people, who never reply to a text or reply like 3 days later and then just say things like “oh sorry, didn’t hear my phone go off x”… didn’t know you could update your Facebook off your phone without seeing your messages on it… ok then.

Another thing that pisses me off are ‘friends’ who only speak to me when they need a lift somewhere or need something from me. I don’t accept part-time friends, so either be a proper friend and be there when I need you or please do get the fuck out of my life.

04-17 / 9:41

Oh god… I really need to start saving my pennies-

I was just sat in jamie’s brothers BMW and the thing is like a moving sex-machine… it’s bloody brilliant! And the acceleration, mmmmm <3

Definitely gonna start saving for something good… most likely not a BMW though, I’m thinking of a Ford Fiesta for my next car (I’m not spoilt, I bought my Punto myself, just putting that out there.) because they’re real smart and not too out of my price range.

Hopefully though, my Punto will last me for another couple years, until I’ve saved enough for one :)

And then after that Fiesta, it’s hopefully gonna be something german, either a Volkswagen Scirocco, a Volkswagen Golf, an Audi TT or a BMW 5-series.

04-15 / 12:15

Wow, story of my life-

I’m sorry but, just because one guy or a few guys are complete and utter arseholes, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are… it just means that you made some bad decisions, like we all do at times, we’re not bloody perfect.

Seriously, I’m sick of all this “protective armour” shit people yammer on about because it’s utter crap. You have to give people chances and let them prove themselves to you that they are trustworthy enough to let in… you can’t just keep locking people out of your life and not trusting them with anything. That’s not how you get through life.

Give people a chance, let them show you that they’ll be there for you at the click of a button or after a text, whatever the hell… just give them that chance, and I promise, you won’t be let down.

Just had to get this off my chest, and I know some people will think I’m a douche after reading this, but I honestly couldn’t care… I am who I am, and this is what I think on this matter, I just wrote it down to let you all, who do care, know.

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