I love David Guetta - Titanium. It relaxes me so much, and it’s a great tune overall.

05-30 / 10:59

So yeah, I got smashed last night and asked a random bride-to-be to take a picture with me and she got her mum in on it! I think it’s fair to say that I had a good night.

05-19 / 8:23 / 1 note

Random picture of me with a wife-to-be and her mother at the casino! #haha #random #toogood #imfunny

05-18 / 11:55

Salut! #guy #random #bored #midnight #self #beard

04-28 / 12:19 / 1 note

My friend wants me to be a sexy ass model for her photoshoot assignment… this should be interesting!

04-13 / 10:01

Me being an utter moron in my beanie hahaha

04-04 / 3:28 / 5 notes

i heard something amazing out of someone’s mouth and thought i’d share.

"don’t let your happiness come from someone else."

it just struck me as really peculiar because most of the time, when we’re happy, it’s because someone we know or love has done something good and that in turn makes us either happy for them or just happy in general, but there are also times when we are just happy for random reasons (e.g. seeing a cute picture of puppies, driving when it’s hot with the windows down, etc.) and this just made me think that if we rely on other people for our happiness, what happens we lose them?

does that mean that we’ll be sad because those people making us happy are now gone? or does it simply mean that we need to meet new people to be happy with?

part of me really agrees with this quote but then another part of me thinks of it as utter crap.

this is just some random rant that i’ve been thinking of for a little bit and just wanted to get it out of my head and maybe get some opinions from all of you… so what do you think?

03-27 / 12:21 / 1 note

Things I’d like to do in life:

  • High five a whale
  • Hug a lion
  • Argue with a parrot
  • Slap a hyena
  • Ride an elephant
  • Headbutt a giraffe
  • Punch a walrus
  • Hang with a sloth
01-15 / 9:45 / 1 note

this is for all dudes out there.

10-03 / 6:56

I don’t get guys who cheat…

For fuck sake, just find yourself a girl, fall madly in love with her and just stick to them so fiercely that even death won’t be able to snatch you away from them.

Am I the only member of the male sex that feels this way!?

I don’t get WHY people cheat. Why do they do it?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just break up with someone and then do whatever the fuck you want, without hurting that person?

Godddd, if any of my friends ever dare do it, I’m going to beat the living shit out of them!!

08-31 / 12:56 / 5 notes

we’ve all got some people in our lives who we’d just love to slap, right across the face with our penises… i know i do!

07-28 / 11:48