Episode 2! Actually came out yesterday but I forgot to add it on here!

Reblog it mofo’s!! :D

06-12 / 2:07 / 1 note

After we release today’s R2D1 episode, I’m going to be doing a zombies live stream on twitch and you’re all welcome to watch, the more the merrier and if anyone is interested in joining the live stream and playing with me, message me!!

06-11 / 12:25

GUYS! Me and my little brother have officially uploaded our first video onto YouTube for our new channel!

Please reblog this video so we can get some subscribers to our channel so our videos will get some likes and views so that we’ll want to make more and more videos for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you very much for reblogging =D

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iamzammm | eBay

Selling some of my games here, so if anyone’s interested, take a look!

They’re all pretty cheap and are all in perfect working condition.

PS3 games only.


06-03 / 9:04 / 6 notes

I hate solo zombies… it bores me so much once I get to like round 30 and then I just kill myself! I need someone who is ridiculously dedicated to gaming to show up and team up with me on these zombitches!!

05-20 / 12:13

I’m gonna do a solo run on zombies. I’ll probably get to like round 198234 since no one will be dragging me down, but I’m going online anyway, so if anyone fancies it, they can join me!

My psn is: zambo_92

05-14 / 6:54 / 2 notes

I need a partner for a game of zombies… everyone online is shit!

if you fancy it, like this dammit!

05-13 / 11:28 / 1 note

Someone get their ass on black ops 2 and play zombies with me! These retards I’m getting stuck with are fucking shit and keep leaving!

Add me on psn: zambo_92

04-27 / 1:56 / 2 notes

I’m gonna play some zombies on black ops 2 in a bit, if anyone is interested, leave me your psn id and I’ll add you!

04-23 / 11:00

this project management thing isn’t too hard tbh, i’ve already got 300 words and i only started 5 minutes ago and i need 2500 words by midnight tonight… let’s do this!

on a different side note: i get my copy of lara croft today, which is meant to be AWESOME, so i’m gonna get this work done quickly and then destroy that haha!

04-15 / 10:11