Just owned my little brother 1-on-1 at the park playing basketball! 50-29 hahaha!

05-06 / 3:59

My mate, Matt, who I met at uni is a bit of a douche with girls, but he gets results…

I’m starting to wonder whether that’s the right way to do things. I mean, you hear girls, constantly moaning about how they chose another dickhead and how they wish they’d finally meet a nice guy, yet when they do, and the guy shows obvious interest, they turn them into friends and chuck them in the “friend zone” and then they moan to them about it…

I don’t really know what else to say apart from; some of you women really need to get your heads screwed on right.

I do apologise to the majority of women out there who don’t fit this description and I wasn’t trying to generalise women in any way, I was just speaking out of prior experience, so it might just be me who has bad luck.

Long story short: I’m considering being one of them douches, might just save me the trouble of getting fucked over.

05-05 / 7:56

Love how we don’t go bowling in Blackpool but instead drive to Preston and play there, haha.

04-25 / 7:57


just finally bought myself a basketball net for my house! going to absolutely obliterate the thing once i get it!! haha

04-24 / 4:59

Here’s another video for you all, just because I’ve had a fun day! :)

04-24 / 4:07

aha, my cousins gonna send me some pictures of my little niece later, i’m dying to see the goon! she’s the cutest niece anyone could ever ask for <3

04-24 / 10:59

morning~ guess it’s time to get up. gonna go have myself some nice breakfast… i bloody deserve it after that workout last night, i feel like i have a black hole in my belly! :D

04-24 / 8:25

Wow, story of my life-

I’m sorry but, just because one guy or a few guys are complete and utter arseholes, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are… it just means that you made some bad decisions, like we all do at times, we’re not bloody perfect.

Seriously, I’m sick of all this “protective armour” shit people yammer on about because it’s utter crap. You have to give people chances and let them prove themselves to you that they are trustworthy enough to let in… you can’t just keep locking people out of your life and not trusting them with anything. That’s not how you get through life.

Give people a chance, let them show you that they’ll be there for you at the click of a button or after a text, whatever the hell… just give them that chance, and I promise, you won’t be let down.

Just had to get this off my chest, and I know some people will think I’m a douche after reading this, but I honestly couldn’t care… I am who I am, and this is what I think on this matter, I just wrote it down to let you all, who do care, know.

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