This is going to be a fun night

04-22 / 11:10 / 1 note

any good movies i can watch?

09-10 / 8:32 / 1 note

Watching the Blade Trilogy.

08-02 / 5:59

Woop, loads of new stuff!

New stuff has been added to my eBay listings, so go check them out! There is some really good stuff on there!

05-24 / 5:53

Step Brothers is awesome


04-14 / 12:51

Went to see Goon tonight with my friends… it was sooo awesome! Seann William Scott did a pretty great job on this one. Everything about it just made me think “what’s next?!” and I was constantly just waiting for the fighting scenes, which were all awesome, nothing gay like pushing, just pure fights.

It definitely gets a place in my top 10 list of movies I’ve ever seen, and a high one at that!

01-10 / 11:20

so fucking true…

01-02 / 12:16 / 16 notes

    No Strings Attached is just great :)

  • Adam: Hey, I was wondering, you got some place I can put my boner?
12-29 / 6:28

The Rock is awesome!

Watching The Rundown (2003) and he’s friggin’ so cool!

12-26 / 1:23 / 1 note

Alriiiight, just got Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2!

Gonna watch those right after a quick run to ASDA for ice cream, anyone that wants in on this is welcome to join! :)

12-25 / 4:10

Movie night in for me :)

Well, after coming back home from the pub, I thought I’d watch a movie, and guess what I deviated to right away? That’s right people, it was ‘No Strings Attached’… again. I’ve seen this movie like 20 times now, but I still love it because it’s so nice and romantic (and as some of you might already know, romance is my drug :’) Yep, I’m a big soppy guy, but so what, everyone has an achilles heel, right? :)

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