First thing on my chalk wall. “family before anything else.” I thank god every day for the family he has blessed me with.

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I love things like this #writes #love

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Try to dive into things head-first and don’t ever give up before trying! #writes #life #love #anger #fear

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Look at these two idiots. I still love them though. #family #niece #sister #love #beauts

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“Love is stupid, ok? It is a lie.”

Schmidt, New Girl

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Do any of you out there believe in soul mates?

Y’know, the ridiculous notion that we’ve all got someone out there who we’re destined to end up with?

I used to believe in soul mates, like insanely, but lately my faith has been fading and I just don’t know anymore.

This isn’t me moaning, I’m just writing my thoughts out here and I’d actually appreciate it if people could take a little bit of time to leave me a message about why they believe in soul mates and what it is that makes them keep on looking for their own soul mate.

Well, even one person to talk about it would be amazing and it might even rekindle my belief in soul mates, so please, do give it a try.


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my love for grows by 1% every time I hear this song, so right now, my love for her is at 487%… <3

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I don’t like it when people try to describe or explain what being in “love” feels like.

You can’t do it… its not a feeling that you can really put into words, it’s just there. It’s the thing that makes you happy just for waking up, the thing that stays at the top of your mind all day long, and the thing that puts a smirk on your face when you’re going sleep.

I really hope that all of you get to feel it sometime during your lives :)

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I love that Cece and Schmidt are finally together

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Love isn’t something you find… it’s something you fall into.

In my case, it’s usually head over heels for someone, but what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. =)

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Title: The Middle
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Played: 330 times

Oh this song… it’s 10 years later and I’m still in love with it <3

Like if you love this song! :)

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