First coat of my chalkboard wall is done! 😁

10-01 / 2:57

Raw image I took when we were flying to Germany a few days ago off my phone. It looks so calm and I love how the sky goes darker as you look higher.


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iamzammm | eBay



11-05 / 4:53


Not been on tumblr for a while but my comeback is with style!

I’m doing a giveaway! I’m gonna make it a global one since I’m a kind soul and do realise that I have genuinely lovely followers who’ve stuck with me, even in my lengthy absence and that they do live all over the world.

It’s a bracelet which cost me a pretty penny. It was meant to be a birthday present for someone but since it’s long past their birthday and they don’t deserve this present whatsoever, I’ve decided to give it to one of you!


As you can see above, it is really nice and I obviously will be sending it with the pouch it came in which feels ridiculously nice!


All you have to do is follow me & reblog this post, then message me a number between 1-1000. Simple!

The winner will be chosen on Thursday the 24th of October at 11pm GMT (tomorrow night) and they will be notified via a PM back to them.

Got it?


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Also, I know it’s been ages but I’ve got some fun material for my next video so I’ll keep you guys updated on how that’s going :)

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My friend wants me to be a sexy ass model for her photoshoot assignment… this should be interesting!

04-13 / 10:01

Hahahahaha I’m such a cock. Do not fear, I will try and post naked ladies after this to get these images out of your heads!

03-31 / 6:11

you can tell that i’m still a child by the little things that i do… for example:

whenever house says something sarcastic or does something random and awesome, i’ll automatically just shout “HOUSE!” out loud…

i’m such a cock

03-30 / 11:27

Courtesy of Mama Wilkinson! (Partially eaten, haha)

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Go and check my youtube channel out!

03-16 / 3:55

My shopping process: “that looks nice.” *buy*

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Here’s the new video!!

And hopefully, the future videos will look even better thanks to some tips I’ve been getting off people :)

03-14 / 12:09

new video is being uploaded… it’s funny… i think?

03-13 / 11:41

New videos been recorded and I’m a bit through the editing! You’ll be getting a glance at my room and a new story of mine!

Expect it later tonight! Off to football now :)

03-13 / 1:46