Spent £80 today but it was money well spent #football #boots #nike #ball #f50 #awesome #shopping

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woah oh oh oh, it’s always a good time

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Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me know

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I love that my favourite blogger, kim, was my 100th follower.

Ahh fate, thou art a scheming bitch aha!

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YESSS! New Girl has been renewed for a second season! Woop! :D

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The Alphabeat

It may not be brand new, but it’s still awesome.

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this pretty much describes me in 9 words.

It’sa me, Mario!

I love Mario… best. game. ever.

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Went to see Goon tonight with my friends… it was sooo awesome! Seann William Scott did a pretty great job on this one. Everything about it just made me think “what’s next?!” and I was constantly just waiting for the fighting scenes, which were all awesome, nothing gay like pushing, just pure fights.

It definitely gets a place in my top 10 list of movies I’ve ever seen, and a high one at that!

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Aha, so I just totally bought myself a telescope! It’s coming on Wednesday, this is probably the best £110 I’ve ever spent! Argghh can’t wait!!

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    pretty good :p

  • Person #1: Were you dropped at birth?
  • Person #2: Yeah, into a pool of sexy!
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    Hahahaha I love Scrubs!

  • J.D: Why don't you go bunk with the Todd?
  • Elliott: J.D, you know he's a sleep humper
  • The Todd: Some times when I'm banging this mattress, I'm thinking of banging THAT one!
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